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Gold Points Program Outline

You may enroll in person at any of our hubs or on-line at www.beringair.com/goldpoints.

Membership costs $10.00 per person. Each additional associate account costs $10.00 per account.

On initial sign up each member (primary and associate) receives a 10 point bonus. Example: A primary member who signs up with two associate members receives 30 points.

Upon enrollment, members will be assigned a personal Gold Points account number. Points cannot be earned prior to receiving an account number. No retroactive credit will be given prior to the enrollment date.

A primary member account may have up to four additional associate members with all points accruing to the primary member. The primary member controls how the points are redeemed.

Earning Gold Points: All members are eligible to earn Gold Points on all eligible scheduled and charter flights at 5 points for each flight segment.

Gold Points are only earned after completion of a segment. Gold Points are not earned at time of purchase of a ticket. A segment is based on passenger emplaning and deplaning not aircraft routing.

Gold Points are not transferable between primary accounts.

Corporations, partnerships and/or other companies may not enroll as participants.

Bering Air is solely responsible for the interpretation and application of the policies and procedures communicated in this guide and elsewhere to Gold Points members. All determinations by Bering Air shall be final and conclusive in each case.

Any Gold Points partner may discontinue or change its participation in the program with or without prior notice. Bering Air is not responsible for products and services provided by Gold Points partners.


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