Celebrating 30 Years
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Our helicopter department has been in operation since 2000, and includes a fleet of three Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters and two MD500E helicopters.  Each helicopter is flown by a single pilot and has seats for up to three passengers.  Under seat stowage allows room for small back packs and gear.  Our helicopters serve multiple agencies, businesses and individuals each year.  Charter us for anything from flight seeing, to serving remote weather stations and camps, or do a little exploring.     



  • Leather seats with under seat stowage
  • Headsets for each passenger to talk with the pilot
  • Removable doors for photo flights
  • Bubble windows
  • Moving map GPS

R44 Performance:

  • 120mph cruise speed
  • 700lb load available

MD500E Performance:

  • 140mph cruise speed
  • Capable of 1200 lb. external load lifts
  • 4 place intercom
  • VHF radio for communication with ground crews

Mission Capability:

Flight seeing tours

  • Nome’s history revolves around the discovery of Gold in 1898. 
  • Get a bird’s eye view of Nome, the Bering Sea, local dredges, even and old railroad! 
  • Then we head farther into the mountains around Nome, showcasing the local landscape and wildlife. 
    Look for the big three:  Bear, Moose, and Musk Oxen. 
  • During Iditarod, get views of the mushers making the final trek from Safety to Nome. 

AMD Qualified Pilots and aircraft

  • Our pilots meet the stringent requirements of the United States Aircraft Management Division. 
  • In addition to FAA required checkrides and training, our pilots receive an additional checkride from this agency. 
  • Also required are a minimum of 1500 flight hours in helicopters, and the use of other special safety equipment. 
  • The aircraft also incorporate additional required equipment and undergo an AMD inspection each year.

Remote site drop off and pick up, standby charter, and camp support

  • We specialize in remote site logistics.  Our helicopters can get you and your equipment safely into remote areas not accessible by fixed wing aircraft. 
  • Get dropped off for camping, hiking or floating.
  • If you are working in the field, we can transport everything you need to camp in style!

External load including baskets and sling loads

  • If it can’t fit inside, we can probably still move it! 
  • External baskets allow us to move oversized coolers and gear. 
  • Our sling equipment includes both long and short line ropes, nets and bags.
  • We can move 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, generators, tent frames, fuel drums, and even refrigerators! 

Helicopter Fishing

Interested in fishing remote streams?  Twin Peaks Adventures is a guided helicopter fly out fishing guide service based in Nome.  They use Bering Air’s helicopter service to access rarely fished streams on the Seward Peninsula.  Learn to fly fish or expand your skills. 

Enjoy first class meals and a comfortable cabin just outside of Nome.  Contact Twin Peaks Adventures for information on our guided helicopter fly fishing expeditions. 




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