Celebrating 30 Years
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Customer Survey
Bering Air appreciates your patronage and wants to continue the type of service you have grown to expect. We are continually striving to improve our "on-the-job" performance in every department. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

Please include your name and email address, and we will enter your name in our Monthly Drawing to win free Bering Air Merchandise.

1) Have you had problems making reservations?
Yes  No 

2) Is the operator courteous?
Yes  No 

3) Did you find Bering Air to be accommodating?
Yes  No 

4) Are you checked-in in a timely manner before flights?
Yes  No 

5) Do you find the lobby comfortable and clean?
Yes  No 

6) Are the Customer Service Agents courteous and helpful?
Yes  No 

7) Are they able to answer any questions you have?
Yes  No 

8) Have your Bering Air flights been comfortable?
Yes  No 

9) Are the planes clean?
Yes  No 

10) Have you had any concerns with our pilots or planes while flying with Bering Air?
Yes  No 

11) Are Bering Air's village agents courteous and helpful?
Yes  No 

12) Are they available to you for reservations and information?
Yes  No 

13) Have your bags been handled appropriately at the hub? (Nome/Kotzebue/Unalakleet)
Yes  No 

14)   Have you received cargo in a timely manner?
Yes  No 

15) When traveling with Bering Air, what has been the least enjoyable part of your trip?

16) When traveling with Bering what has been the most enjoyable part of your trip?

17) Do you have any other comments or suggestions for improving our services?

18) We would like to recognize employees who are especially helpful to you. Please let us know their names and what they have done to enhance our service as an airline. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider these questions.  Please let us know if you have further comment about our services.  Please leave your name and address below so we can enter your name in a drawing. Prizes include: a Bering Air jacket, a Bering Air sweatshirt, or a Bering Air round-trip ticket.

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